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Constantly Air audit for compressed air quality - Qualification and Validation for FDA - GMP- HACCP - ISO 8573 Classification - measuring of residual Oil content - Particle - Dew point - Compressed air filter - Compressors - OilControl

Highly accurate, reliable and robust sensor, evaluation and display technology are the basis for the exceptional quality of Andjana Instruments measuring equipments.

Moisture , Oil Content, Hydrocarbons, Toxic Gases are detected in minimal quantities online in the process.

The OilControl, for example, permanently and reliably measures oil contents that previously could only be detected in the laboratory.

But then it was usually already too late and the operator was only a reading from the history ago, who met only one statement "too much".

An effective early detection was often not installed.

OilControl has been standard in the world for more than 18 years for a modern compressed air supply that is designed to run without risk.

Oil mist separators on large compressors and turbines are also monitored for filter separation efficiency with the OilGuard-C.


With Andjana Instruments technologys, the compressed air and production processes gain a decisive level of safety.

The confounders


Particles such as rust in the compressed air lines can not only lead to excessive wear due to their abrasive effect, but above all clog filigree structures within the components of the controls and the valves.

Residual moisture

Too much residual moisture may combine with the lubricants contained in pneumatic components. A significant reduction in lubricity or complete leaching of the lubricants is the result.

Result: increased friction, excessive wear and malfunctions.

Oil content

The basic lubrication of pneumatic components can be washed out by compressor oils contained in the compressed air and co-compressed solvents sucked in by the compressor. In addition, they can attack sealing elements and destroy them.

Especially solution-oriented and flexible.

Andjana Instruments offers comprehensive consulting expertise based on state-of-the-art science and technology. Each project, as extensive as it may be, is preceded by an individual project analysis: our entire range of equipment is freely programmable and accordingly tailored exactly to the respective branch and application area.

The comprehensive service and service program is fundamental to our business and ensures the smooth operation of all our system components.

Particularly economical and future-proof.

All individual devices from Andjana Instruments are subject to a modular and compact device concept. This guarantees easy installation, commissioning, operability, and low maintenance through auto-calibration.

The ease and extensibility of existing assets is a key factor in the success of the Andjana Instruments concept.