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Dew point and pressure dew point measuring systems from TPS - Andjana instruments are used to protect against moisture in various systems to prevent production damage due to condensate failure in the piping and pneumatics. Compressed air drying systems such as refrigeration dryers or other drying systems can be monitored or controlled directly.

Pressure dew point measurement - DewpointControl - Long-term stable pressure dew point measurement

  • Control of the drying efficiency of refrigeration, membrane and absorption dryers
  • Accurately measures the pressure dew point
  • Insensitive to overhydration
  • Fast measurement by pluggable standard connection
  • Low-cost modular design

Measuring ranges calibrated:

-20 ... + 50 ° Ctp Type DP-T1 Output signal: 0 - 10 V
-80 ... + 20 ° Ctp Type DP-T2 Output signal: 4 - 20 mA

Display optional:

3-digit LED type DP-M
5-digit LED industrial display
Output signal 4-20 mA

Pressure range: -1 ... 50 bar DP-T1 / 2 option -1 ... 350 bar

Accuracy: + -0.5 ° Ctpd at -40 ° Ctp

Operating temperature: 0 ... + 50 ° C

Power supply: 24 VDC + -10%

Connection mech .: G 1/2 "stainless steel screw thread

Connection electr .: flange plug

Protection class: IP 65

CE: Compliant with EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2


Self-diagnosis: The device constantly monitors itself for perfect function

Error message: Sensor break, sensor short circuit

Output: standard signals 4-20 mA

Relay: 1 PNP output, switching capacity max. 125 mA loadable

ON / OFF delay 0 .... 100 s

Delay time 0 ... 9.9 s

4-digit LED display, degree of protection IP65 from the front, jet-proof and dust-proof

The pressure dew point sensors are used in the compressed air stream behind the drying plant and respond to even the smallest amounts of moisture. The pressure dew point sensors can be installed in our sensor ball valves, in flow adapters as well as in direct air flow.

State-of-the-art color change displays, switching devices for alarming and control as well as monitors for data recording with up to 16 sensors are available.