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MedBAC ™ Medical Breathing Air Control

The MedBac measuring system ensures compliance with the standard and the correct function of the system according to the risk analysis. From a technical point of view, it is possible to detect the filter change intervals and possible oil / water breakthroughs. Monitoring the amount of residual oil in the compressed air stream is necessary for technical and medical reasons. Once the compressed air line is contaminated with compressor oil, the machine oil is in line and is continuously distributed in the compressed air network until it finally arrives at the user. This can not be detected without the MedBac measurement technology!

To protect medical equipment and compressed air supply systems from costly damage, any malfunction of the compressed air cleaning process must be promptly detected and remedied to protect the PATIENTS HEALTH .

With MedBAC 24-hour on-line monitoring for medical respiratory air, according to the European Pharmacopoeia.


Andjana Instruments performs job measurements and checks on compressed air terminals using the Med-AQM (AirQualityMonitor) result is within minutes Place visible. The technicians and the pharmacists are immediately informed about whether a newly installed compressed air line or terminal can be put into operation. At the same time the qualification of the place of delivery is carried out. Every change of the existing compressed air supply must be qualified and evaluated before it can be released!

The owner of his own compressed air generation for ventilation must constantly provide proof of the generated compressed air quality according to Ph. Eu. provide and document permanently. (ZLG default since 2007)

Andjana Instruments helps the operator to ensure years of safe operation.