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New regulatory changes require compressed air testing. SQF, BRC, GFSI, and FSMA all mandate testing of compressed air systems that come directly or indirectly into contact with your product.

Fully portable Compressed Air Monitoring System

The OilGuard Service Tool is the unit of choice where specific monitoring of oil content levels are required.

Unit Mobile use after activated carbon filter / adsorber

  • Increased process reliability through online monitoring of residual oil content according to compressed air - quality standard ISO 8573.-C
  • No sampling and laboratory evaluation necessary
  • Alarm values are adjustable
  • Malfunctions are detected immediately
  • Avoidance of consequential damage in downstream components
  • No follow-up costs due to expensive repair work
  • No increased damage due to oil-enriched compressed air
  • High detection sensitivity ensures the immediate detection of a filter or compressor defect
  • Filter change intervals can be optimized and activated carbon can be safely used up to the saturation limit

Mobile use after activated carbon filter / adsorber

  • Online monitoring
  • Monitoring range: 100 to 0% (bar graph)
  • Limit value message: 0.01 mg / m³ (fixed)
  • Media: compressed air
  • Output: 1 switching output, electronic relay
  • Operating temperature: 0 to + 50 ° C
  • Operating pressure: 4-10 bar

portable oil content Air audit - In all parts of the compressed air system

OilGuard – Service tool... A powerful service tool for mobile audits and plant diagnostic questions as well as for the determination of the functional capability of a wide variety of filter levels.

For continuous monitoring, the display provides the operator with simplicity at a glance to ensure that the oil content remains within the tolerance and that rapid reactions to changing contamination are possible in order to be able to handle it by service-technicans.